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Abbot  Abrohom Türker of
Deir Za’faran passed away


abrohomtuerker-foto.jpgSOLNews. 15.9.2010 Long-time Abbot of Deir Za’faran (Kurkmo), Raban Abrohom Türker (74), died at 14.9.2010 in Midyat, Turkey, after a bout with cancer. Dayroyo Abrohom was born in 1936 in Midyat. In 1958, late bishop Mor Philoxenos Hanna Dolabani of Mardin, tonsured him a monk at Deir Za'faran. In 1961 he was ordained as deacon and as priest. He assumed responsibilities at the monastic school which was closed in unfortunate circumstances by the Turkish government in 1978 and 1997. After H.E. Mor Philoxenos Saliba Özman became bishop of Mardin in 2003, Raban Abrohom was appointed abbot of the monastery of Mor Abrohom and Mor Hobel in Midyat. He revived the monastery which was abandoned since 1980, assisted by two nuns, and established new buildings for guests; this encouraged the faithful from Europe to visit Tur Abdin, their homeland. He dedicated himself to the service of the church all his life.

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