Prof. Dr. Sebastian Brock (Oxford) 
revered the Medal of Mor Ephrem the Syrian 

In the new issue of the Patriarchal Journal of the Syrian orthodox Patriarchate (Dec 1998), it can be read that Prof. Sebastian  Brock revered the Medal of Mor Ephrem the Syrian, by the Syrian Orthodox Patriarch. This happened in November 1998, in the Mor Ephrem's Theological Seminary in Damascus.

Sebastian Brock is one of the most popular scholars in Syriac- and Oriental Studies. He has published several books and articles. He was revered with Dr. h.c. from the Oriental Institute (Roma) and other Institutes. Now, Brock is a lecturer of Syriac-, Aramaic-, and Hebrew Studies in the Oriental Institute and in Wolfson College of the University of Oxford.

Suryoyo Online congratulates him
Gabriel Rabo

Autor: Gabriel Rabo
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