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Syriac Universal Alliance  convened its annual meeting at Vienna


SOLNews - The High Council of the Syriac Universal Alliance  (SUA) convened its annual meeting at Vienna from 15-18 July. The SUA is an umbrella organization that represents the Syriac Aramean people all over the world. At the meeting, participants from several countries, such as Austria, Belgium, Germany, Jordan, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA, gathered together to discuss various topics.

The High Council touched, among others, at the following issues. Since SUA has been granted the Non-Governmental Organization in Special Consultative Status with the Social and Economic Council of the United Nations in 1999, the yearly reports were presented by the main representatives on behalf of SUA to the Offices of the UN in New York, Vienna and Geneva.

Also, the current situation and the developments in the Middle East regarding the Syriac Aramean people were discussed. In this vein, a delegation from Jordan also presented the meeting. Moreover, a team consisting of qualified delegates will visit the region soon.

Further the younger organization, namely the Syriac Aramaic European Youth Committee, delivered a summary report of its past and present activities. For instance, next year there will be a youth exchange between eight countries from two continents, namely Europe and the Middle East.

Meetings were held between the SUA and Pro Oriente organization in Vienna regarding the Syriac dialogue. This led, for example, to an invitation to SUA by Pro Oriente to attend its Syriac Dialogue Conference in India in October of this year.

The next SUA Congress will be convened in July 2005 in Sweden. 

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