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(ZNDA:  Berlin)  On July 15 a symposium was organized in Wittenberg, Germany to discuss the current situation of the Syriac-speaking Christians of  Lutterstadt Wittenberg, the town of Reformation where Martin Luther lived and worked.  The symposium was entitled "Deutsches Syrologen Symposium zur Geschichte und Theologie der Syrischen Kirchen in Wittenberg/Deutschland" or "the German Syriac Symposium on the History and Theology of the Syrian Churches in Wittenberg, Germany".  Three Suryoye speakers were on the panel, two of whom were of the Eastern (Suraye) and one of the Western Syriac background (Suryoyo).  Several other European scholars were in attendance.  The Suryoyo speaker, Mr. Gabriel Rabo of the University of Göttingen in Germany is also the webmaster of the popular Suryoyo Online, [talk about "Dionysius Bar Salibi und sein literarisches Lebenswerk"].  Ms. Helen Yonan Sarderoudi from the Free University of Berlin presented a lecture entitled "Behnam and Sara".  Ms. Adrin Takhsh, also from the Free University of Berlin discussed the topic of the "Assyrian Woman between Tradition and Modern life".

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